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Revise It

If you’ve refined your revision, you’re now ready to start revising. We’ve pulled together six strategies to take the pain out of revision.

Dual coding combines text and images to help make revision more memorable.


Flash cards are ideal for testing your knowledge of definitions of keywords, theory and explanation or whatever information you need to learn. They have an added bonus that they can be used to review your learning later.

condense it

Condense text is a way of reducing a large amount of information into key words and images that will help you memorise and retrieve information you need to know.

mind maps

Mind maps are graphical representations of information. In contrast to the traditional, linear notes you make in a text document, mind maps let you capture thoughts, ideas and keywords on a blank canvas.

Blank page is a strategy for checking what you already recall about a topic you are revising.

Revision clocks are a great way of breaking down information in up to 12 manageable chunks.

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