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What our subscribers say about Internet Geography Plus

Just a note of thanks for all of your hard work with this website. It is a fantastic set of resources and our students are benefiting greatly from them. I subscribed earlier this year and now the department has done which is good for us all. It is fantastic value for money and the materials have been welcomed by teachers, pupils and parents. It is good to know that it is a site you can trust to be AQA specific and kept so up to date.

A subscription to Internet Geography Plus is well worth taking out. This site has supported us creating what I think is an incredibly successful and well planned curriculum. Our numbers have doubled at uptake and the quality of work has improved so much it is now outstanding. A lot of that is to do with the teaching but also having useful homework resources and a site that creates quality resources for such a reasonable cost. The department was grilled by OfSTED yesterday and we smashed it! Internet Geography Plus resources have really helped us support students.

I just want to say a massive thank you. Our year 11’s are loving your website and revision tips. We’ve discussed CAKE to help with effective revision. Thank you for all your hard work, much appreciated by all! And your infographics are   I’ve subscribed as an individual for now and as soon as we get our budgets through we’ll also sign up as a department so other teachers can use it. You’ve saved me hours with the Prerelease. Thank you!

The retrieval questions are exactly what I was looking for.. You have saved me hours in preparing my own flashcards. Thank you, this is a fantastic resource.

Loving the resources. Going to save me so much time!

What’s included?

47 Case Study

Homework Plus
Skills Development

Homework Plus

Retrieval Practice for AQA GCSE Geography

Changing Economic World Geogrevise

Internet Geography Plus subscribers have access to premium resources including:

  • 47 case study infographics
  • GEOGREVISE (retrieval practice booklets) for every AQA GCSE Geography unit for paper 1 and 2
  • 6 Homework Plus booklets containing resources to support geographical skills development
  • GCSE Geography multiple choice booklets for AQA, Edexcel A and Edexcel B
  • Pre-release resources for AQA GCSE Geography paper 3
  • Revision/assessment mats for every AQA GCSE Geography paper 1 and 2 units
  • Comprehensive student work booklets for a number of AQA and Edexcel A unit (more coming soon) with links to online quizzes to check learning, online support resources and dual coding
  • Revision homework generator – an interactive spreadsheet to generate and record GCSE Geography revision
  • Geography curriculum mapping tool to support planning for breadth, depth and retrieval practice
  • Mark schemes are also provided
  • GCSE Geography work booklets for AQA and Edexcel A

We’ve just launched Internet Geography +A. Upgrade your account to access A Level resources too!



Mark schemes support independent and supported study


Students can use the resource independently


Comprehensive resources to support parents home educating

A teacher’s annual subscription starts from £34.99 per year. Department subscriptions start from £59.99 and provide access to your team.

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