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Exploration ideas for geographers

We’ve pulled together a collection of great exploration ideas for geographers. Got a recommendation? Contact us using the form below.

Explore a new place

Visit a place you’ve never been to before. Need some inspiration? The Wild collection of books have some gems!


Join the world’s largest treasure hunt. Find objects hidden in your area and swap the treasure you find. Find out more about Geocaching.

Discover a hidden beach

There are hundreds of hidden beaches around the coastline of the UK. Discover a new one! We strongly recommend the Wild Swimming Hidden Beaches: Explore the Secret Coast of Britain book by Daniel Start for locations. Don’t attempt wild swimming along the coast without adult supervision!

Take the 50 things to do before you’re 11 3/4 challenge

Ok, you may be older than 11 3/4 but who cares? Here are 50 things to do over summer!

Find your way with a map

Grab an Ordnance Survey map or walking app and use it to explore a new area.

Dam a stream

Using rocks create a dam across a stream. Can you control the flow of water? Remember to take your dam down when you’ve finished. The wildlife downstream may depend on the water and what it brings.

Get together around a campfire

There’s nothing quite like building then sitting around a campfire at night. Get friends and family together, find a safe location for a campfire and get started! Don’t forget to clean up afterwards and make sure you have a responsible adult with you. Follow the building a campfire guide by the Scouts and you’ll have a safe, fun time.

Explore the wonders of a rock pool

Take a trip to the coast and have a go at rock pooling. The National Trust has some great advice here.

Internet Geography Plus

Camp Outdoors

Whether you stay in your back garden or go further afield camping is a great way of getting close to nature.


It could be a tree or some boulders but get climbing. Be sure it’s safe before you throw yourself into it!

Beach Clean

Wage war on the litter found on beaches. Whether you attend an organised beach clean, spend 5 minutes on a local beach or organise a beach clean with friends and family, every little helps!

Go wild swimming

If you fancy something challenging wild swimming is worth exploring! We strongly recommend the Wild Swimming: 300 Hidden Dips in the Rivers, Lakes and Waterfalls of Britain book by Daniel Start for locations and advice on wild swimming. Please don’t attempt this without adult supervision!

Build a den or tree house

Building a den using natural woodland materials is a cool activity. The National Trust has advice on den building.  You’re never too old to build a den, so get outside and see what you can create.

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