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Coastal Environments CPD

Erosional Landforms, Coastal Management and Fieldwork on the Holderness Coast

Invigorate your geography teaching with an Internet Geography CPD course

Develop your teaching skills and subject knowledge with our hands-on Erosional Landforms, Coastal Management and Fieldwork on the Holderness Coast course.

‘Outstanding knowledge and clearly passed on in a way I could understand and apply to my teaching’

‘Excellent communication from start to finish’

‘Listened to training needs and went the extra mile to help with resources’

‘Day planned very well, supportive and inspiring’

This hands-on course uses the Holderness Coast as the inspiration for developing fieldwork opportunities. The National Curriculum states that geography should inspire in pupils a curiosity and fascination about the world that remains with them for the rest of their lives; what better way to achieve this than by immersing pupils in real-world geography outside of the classroom? The course will provide numerous ideas for engaging coastal fieldwork and will increase teachers’ confidence in leading trips to the coast.


  • Feel confident in using the outdoor environment for hands-on geography.
  • Understand how coastal landforms of erosion are formed.
  • Understand the positive and negative impacts of coastal management.
  • Feel confident in developing a risk assessment.
  • Feel confident in teaching fieldwork techniques that can be used for NEA.
  • Develop geographical and cross-curricular activities that develop pupils’ geographical skills.
  • Discuss and share ideas for coastal fieldwork with other teachers.
  • Find out how to use fieldwork equipment including IT.

Course registration is £40. Registration includes all course materials. Refreshments and transport are self-provided.


9.30 – Flamborough (Selwicks Bay)

Investigate the landforms of coastal erosion at Flamborough

Completing a risk assessment

Practical Fieldwork opportunities at Flamborough

11.30 – Travel to Hornsea (via Skipsea)

12.15 – Lunch

12.45 – Coastal Management and its impact on Hornsea

Investigate coastal management at Hornsea and the terminal groyne effect

GCSE NEA opportunities at Hornsea

2.30 – Travel to Mappleton

2.45 – Coastal Management and its impact at Mappleton

  • Investigate coastal management at Mappleton
  • GCSE NEA opportunities at Mappleton
  • Visit to Sue Earle’s Grange Farm

The timings above are estimates and may vary depending on the needs and interests of the group. We aim to finish at around 3.30 pm though this is flexible. Places on this course are very limited. Transport is not provided.

Please click here to book a place on Monday 27th February 2023

We can also invoice your school if you do not wish to pay online. Please contact us to arrange this.

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