The Four Rs of Revision

Need to start revising, but not sure what the best way is? If your answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve developed a four-step approach to revision to help you achieve the grades you deserve! The Four Rs of Revision is a revision strategy based on learning science. By following these steps, you stand a great chance of building neural pathways (connections in the brain if you were unsure!) to exam success.

The image below provides an overview of the Four Rs of Revision.

1. Review

4Rs ReviewPlan revision by testing yourself to identify your areas for development.

2. Revise

4Rs ReviseCheck out these revision techniques to help you revise more effectively.

3. Reassess

4Rs ReassessReview your learning by checking your knowledge using these simple strategies.

4. Reflect

4Rs ReflectReflect on how effective your revision has been and what you need to do to improve. 

4Rs of Revision Diagram

The Four Rs of Revision

4Rs Review

Step 1


4Rs Revise

Step 2


4Rs Reassess

Step 3


4Rs Reflect

Step 4


Step 1


know the courseReview The Content

blank pageBlank Page

short answer questionsShort Answer Questions

identify prioritiesIdentify Priorities

create a planCreate A Plan

Step 2

Background Reading

how not to reviseHow not to revise

key learning conceptsKey Learning Concepts

which revision techniques should i useWhich revision technique should I use?

Step 2

Revision Techniques


The Leitner Flashcard System


knowledge organiserKnowledge Organiser

blank pageBlank Page

concept mapConcept Maps

mind mapsMind Maps

dual codingDual Coding

condense textCondense Text

revision clockRevision Clock


graphic organiserGraphic Organisers

Cornell notesCornell Notes

Step 2

Review Your Revision

Revision reviewRevision Review

Step 3


do a quizQuiz

short answer questionsShort Answer Questions

past papersPast papers

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