We have several subscription models for Internet Geography.

Internet Geography Plus subscriptions are available to individuals and departments.

Subscribe to Internet Geography Plus to get access to over 1000 resources (the majority of which are editable!), including:

  • 47 geography case study infographics
  • Student work booklets for AQA and Edexcel A GCSE Geography
  • Geography revision mats covering all AQA GCSE Geography paper 1 and paper 2
  • Geography revision mats covering Edexcel A and B
  • Multiple-choice retrieval practice booklets for every AQA GCSE paper 1 and 2 unit
  • Multiple-choice retrieval practice booklets for Edexcel A and B
  • Sets of multiple-choice questions in MS/Google Forms for AQA, Edexcel A, Edexcel B, and OCR GCSE geography
  • Revision grids for AQA A, Edexcel A, and B
  • Geography curriculum review tool
  • Geography revision generator and tracker
  • Geographical and statistical skills work booklets x 6
  • Retrieval practice booklets for all units for papers 1 and 2 AQA GCSE Geography – complete with answers and in an editable format
  • Over 70 recap sheets
  • Odd one out resources (Natural hazards with more coming soon)
  • Additional support materials for AQA Paper 3
  • AQA Paper 1 and 2 exam papers

We’ve just launched Internet Geography +A. An Internet Geography Plus A subscription allows access to all our Plus and A-Level geography resources.

The majority of our resources are editable, and new resources are added weekly during term time! Want to know all the benefits of a subscription? Find out here!

We’ve got the latest two-factor authentication on the website, meaning your payment needs to be authenticated via the cardholder’s banking app. Without this, you will receive an authentication failure. If this is an issue for you, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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