We have a number of subscription models for Internet Geography.

Internet Geography Plus subscriptions are available to individuals and departments.

Subscribe to Internet Geography Plus to get access to a wide range of resources including:

  • 47 geography case study infographics
  • Student work booklets for AQA and Edexcel A GCSE Geography
  • Geography revision mats covering all AQA GCSE Geography paper 1 and paper 2
  • Geography revision mats covering Edexcel A and B
  • Multiple-choice retrieval practice booklets for every AQA GCSE paper 1 and 2 unit
  • Multiple-choice retrieval practice booklets for Edexcel A and B
  • Sets of multiple-choice questions in MS/Google Forms for AQA, Edexcel A, Edexcel B, and OCR GCSE geography
  • Revision grids for AQA A, Edexcel A, and B
  • Geography curriculum review tool
  • Geography revision generator and tracker
  • Geographical and statistical skills work booklets x 6
  • Retrieval practice booklets for all units for paper 1 and 2 AQA GCSE Geography – complete with answers and in an editable format
  • Odd one out resources (Natural hazards with more coming soon)
  • AQA GCSE Geography pre-release resources including infographics, 3 practice exam papers with mark schemes
  • AQA Paper 1 exam paper

We’ve just launched Internet Geography +A. A subscription to Internet Geography Plus A allows access to all of our Plus resources and A-Level geography resources.

The majority of our resources are editable. New resources are added weekly during term time! Want to know all the benefits of a subscription? Find out here!

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