Geography CPD

We provide CPD support for geography teachers including online tutorials, courses, workshops and bespoke school support.

Our online tutorials will help you master GIS and other web-based tools to support the development fo teaching and learning in geography. We’ve developed a number of free tutorials to support geographers and non-specialists in the use of IT in geography. You can find these below.

Regardless of whether you are a large or small department we can support you. We’ve supported single member departments with planning and guidance remotely, through email and telephone, along with bespoke CPD courses for larger departments. The team at Internet Geography have a wealth of experience in providing support in improving the quality of teaching and learning and raising outcomes.

We’d love to work with you. If you have any queries about bespoke school or department support please contact us.

Fieldwork CPD

Landforms of Coastal Erosion and Management

Join us on Friday 28th August or Friday 18th September for coastal fieldwork CPD. The Holderness Coast, from Flamborough to Mappleton will be our classroom where we will investigate landforms of coastal erosion, coastal management and GCSE Geography NEA opportunities. Find out more…

NEW – Coastal management and deposition on the Holderness Coast

Join us on Saturday 26th January 2019 for coastal fieldwork CPD. We’ll explore coastal management at Withernsea, visit Easington and explore the landforms of coastal deposition at Spurn Point along with NEA opportunities at each of these locations. Find out more…

NEW – River Fieldwork on the River Derwent

If you are interested in developing river based fieldwork join us on the River Derwent in North Yorkshire on the 12th January 2019. We’ll be investigating fluvial processes, erosion and fieldwork techniques based on the Bradshaw Model. Find out more…

Internet Geography Online CPD

Using Google Maps to get started with GIS

Questions that unlock thinking in geography

Question Cues

How to show physical changes over time using images in geography

How to show physical changes over time using images in geography

Using Google Sheets to present data on maps

Google Sheets in Geography

Using Google Poly to develop Virtual Reality

VR In Geography

External CPD

Teaching Secondary Geography – OU

Teaching Secondary Geography OU

Learn about the weather – University of Exeter

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