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Combine technology with geography for creative results. Got a recommendation? Contact us using the form below.

Minecraft Magic

If you’re a fan of Minecraft why not recreate a location you know well. Whether a coastal location or urban environment can you modelling it using Minecraft blocks? How about creating a sustainable green city? Here’s an example of a city built in Minecraft for inspiration.

Get HOT with OSM

Open Street Map (OSM) is a free, editable open-source map of the world. Get started by mapping your local area then rise to the challenge of HOT mapping. HOT is an international team dedicated to humanitarian action and community development through open mapping. Challenges are set to encourage people in the mapping community to create up to date maps of areas affected by humanitarian crisis caused by drought, natural disasters and disease. If you’re new to OSM check out this beginners guide. Once you’ve mastered editing Open Street Map find out how to complete humanitarian mapping.

Create a holiday Google Map

Using Google My Maps create a map to show the places you visit over the summer holidays. Using Google My Maps you could upload photos of places and people you see and the routes you have walked. We’ve got a range of tutorials to support you with Google My Maps.

Alternatively, create a 3D virtual tour using Google Tour Creator.

Internet Geography Plus

Create a quiz

Set up an account on Kahoot and create a quiz that all the family can get involved in.

Build a weather station using a Rasberry Pi

Got a Raspberry Pi? Build a weather station using your Rasberry Pi.

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Wider Technology in Geography
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