Asking Geographical Questions

Geographic inquiry involves the ability and willingness to ask and answer questions about geospatial phenomena. Below are a range of questions geographers ask when investigating the world around them.


What is this place like?

What is the significance of the its location?

What caused it to happen?

What are the social/economic/environmental impacts?

What are the consequences of its location?

What is its distribution?

What are its characteristics?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of it?

What are the impacts?

What processes caused this?

What are the social/economic/environmental causes?


Where is it located?

Where could it be located?


Who will this impact?

Who will be affected?

Who was affected?

Who is responsible?

Who will provide support?


When did it occur?

When was it formed?

When will this change?


Why is it located here?

Why has it changed?


How has it changed?

How might it change?

How does x affect y?

How has this influenced….?

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