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Compare two features of destructive and constructive waves.

The command word in this question is compare. This means you must describe the similarities and/or differences between things, not just write about one.

A question like this is typically worth two marks. You will get one mark for two separate statements on the same feature e.g.

  • Constructive waves are spilling, whereas destructive waves are plunging (1)
  • Destructive wave crests are close together, but constructive crests are far apart/destructive waves have a shorter wavelength/Destructive waves are closer together (1)
  • Constructive waves have strong swash, whereas destructive waves have strong backwash (1)
  • Destructive waves are steeper (1)
  • Destructive waves are higher (1)
  • Constructive waves have a lower height (than destructive waves)(1)
  • Destructive waves have high energy, whereas constructive waves have lower energy (1)
  • Constructive waves help to build up the beach, whereas destructive waves remove material (1)

AO4 – 2 marks

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