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Identify two locations where coastal deposition occurs and explain why it occurs there.

There are two command words in this question which are identify and explain. You will need to indicate one location where deposition occurs and then explain why it happened in this location. Repeat this.

Coastal deposition occurs in low-energy environments such as bays. As bays are sheltered, wave energy reduces, leading to sediments being deposited, and forming beaches. An example of this is Lulworth Cove on the Dorset Coast. Coastal deposition also occurs when a river or estuary flows into the sea. Energy reduces where the two bodies of water meet, reducing the capacity of waves transport material by longshore drift, leading to deposition and forming landforms such as spits. One example of this is Spurn Point on the Holderness Coast, where the Humber Estuary flows into the North Sea forming the spit.

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