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Revision Technique

Follow the steps below to revise effectively.


Turn the information on the knowledge organiser into a revision resource. This could be a mind map, a set of flashcards, or a sketch note.

Just reading notes and/or highlighting text is not an effective way to learn!


After you’ve created your revision resource, it’s time to check your knowledge and understanding.

Step 1 – Blank Page

Without looking at your notes or the knowledge organiser, write down everything you can remember from your revision in an organised way. When you run out of things, return to your revision resource and add anything you missed.

Step 2 – Quiz 

The next step is to quiz yourself. You could complete the multiple choice questions at the bottom of each iGCSE topic page. Alternatively, you could ask a friend or family member to quiz you based on the revision resource you have produced.


Completing past exam questions is the best way to apply your knowledge and understanding. You can access the past papers for Edexcel iGCSE Geography here.

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