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True or false? Tropical rainforest experience high levels of rain due relief rain rainfall.

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Tropical rainforests experience high levels of rain due to convectional rainfall.

True or false? Soils in the tropical rainforest are not very fertile.

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True or false? In the tropical rainforest nutrients are concentrated in the top layer of soil where they are rapidly absorbed by plants as they grown.

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What is the name of the process whereby water removes nutrients from soil?

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True or false? Rainforests have the highest level of biodiversity in the world.

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What are the tallest tress in the tropical rainforest known as?

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Which of the following most accurately describes climatic conditions in the tropical rainforest?

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Look at the climate graph for Manaus in the the Amazon Rainforest below. Which month has the highest rainfall?

Climate Graph Tropical Rainforest Manaus Brazil
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True or false? Tropical rainforests cover about 2 per cent of the Earth's surface yet they are home to over half of the world's plants and animals.

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True or false? Rainforests are found in a broad belt close to the Equator from South America in the west, through West Africa to Southeast Asia and Australia in the east.

A map to show the main biomes of the world
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