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Geography in the News

Geography in the News

Geography in the News has been created to encourage students to read more widely, examining synoptic links and keep up to date with geography-related news. It has been developed to be given to students as homework and includes differentiated activities for them to complete. Our downloadable homework comes in an editable format so you can make adjustments appropriate to your students. We’ll be publishing a new homework relating to a recent event in the news every week during term time.

A peer/self-assessment sheet will soon be made available to download so students can peer/self assess their homework to help reduce your workload.

Our first homework is based on an article on the BBC website examining the proposed tsunami early warning system in Indonesia. View the Indonesia tsunami: New warning system ‘to be built next year‘ article.

By downloading the document you agree not to edit the document header and footer before issuing to students.

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