Internet Geography Plus
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How can Internet Geography Plus be used in the geography classroom?

It’s been nine months since the launch of Internet Geography Plus and we’d like to thank the hundreds of teachers who have signed up and supported the site.

The membership area has developed considerably since its initial inception, from resources to support students in developing their geographical skills to activity booklets and assessment/revision mats and lots more.

Internet Geography Plus is being used by hundreds of teachers across the country, who have taken out a low-cost subscription and saved thousands of hours of time in preparing resources. The overwhelming majority of the resources available through Internet Geography Plus are editable, enabling you to customise them to meet the needs of you and your students.

New resources are added each week. These are announced on Twitter, Facebook and through our newsletter.

To help you get the most from your subscription take a look at the summary table below to see how Internet Geography Plus resources can be used.

GeogreviseWork BookletsRevision / Assessment MatsMultiple Choice BookletsSkills PlusGeography Revision Generator and TrackerInfographics
How can the resource be used? Retrieval practice booklets for every AQA GCSE Geography paper 1 and 2 units.Student work booklets for AQA and Edexcel A (includes online resources and quizzes to support learning).Geography revision mats covering paper 1 and 2 of AQA GCSE Geography.Multiple choice booklets covering a selection of AQA GCSE Geography units.A collection of booklets covering GCSE Geography skillsInteractive spreadsheet to generate and record GCSE Geography revision.
Classroom Activities
Supports knowledge development
Geographical Skills Development
Formative Assessment
Summative Assessment
Wall Display

Want to know what other teachers have said about Internet Geography Plus? Find out here. Alternatively, take out a low-cost annual subscription.