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If you are looking for high-quality resources that support the development of geographical knowledge, skills, exam technique and statistical skills then Internet Geography Plus is for you.

Internet Geography Plus helps students develop essential skills while saving you time developing resources.

Our Homework Plus resources, designed to develop geographical and statistical skills, include activities to support:

  • exam technique
  • 4/6 figure grid references
  • height on a map
  • mean, median & mode
  • range & interquartile range
  • gradient, contour & spot height
  • the direction a photo has been taken in
  • pie charts
  • bar graphs & histograms
  • line & compound graphs

Each week we publish a new resource that contains a range of activities to help students practise the skills needed to be successful in Geography. Each resource comes with a mark scheme that can be used for self or peer assessment to reduce your workload.

All documents come in an editable MS Word format so you can tweak and customise them for your students.

In addition to Homework Plus resources, subscribers also have access to GEOGREVISE. Every GEOGREVISE pack  includes:

  • A four-step guide to revision
  • A personal learning checklist (PLC) for a GCSE Geography unit
  • 10 strategies for revision
  • 95 retrieval practice questions for a GCSE Geography unit
  • Answers to all retrieval practice questions
  • An overview of retrieval practice for parents and copies of the questions to support parents in engaging with revision

This resource is ideal for class-based revision, intervention, homework and engaging parents in revision.

Also included in your subscription are:

  • Revision/Assessment mats covering every AQA GCSE Geography unit
  • 37 case study infographics
  • Multiple-choice booklets covering the majority of the AQA GCSE Geography course (more coming soon!)
  • Geography work booklets for AQA and Edexcel A Geography.

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Internet Geography Plus

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