Rivers Key Words


Identify the definition below. The wearing away of land by a river.

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Identify the definition below. The movement of sediment and other material by a river.

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Identify the definition below. The process involving a river no longer having the capacity to transport material leading it to be dropped.

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What is the name of the gradient of a river as it journeys from source to mouth?

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A cross-section, taken sideways, of a river’s channel and/or valley at certain points in the river’s course is known as its what?

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What is used to show how the water flow in a drainage basin (particularly river runoff) responds to a period of rain?

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What term is used to describe the motion of sediment and erosion or deposition on the river bed?

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What are river landforms?

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Identify the type of river management that involves human-made structures being built to control the flow of rivers and reduce flooding.

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Rivers Keywords
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