River Erosion


What is the name of the process by which a river wears away the land?

The lower course of a river Internet Geography
It's not glacial erosion!
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Fluvial erosion is the process by which a river wears away the land.

Which of the following is not a type of fluvial erosion?

The upper course of a river with rapids as the river flows through steep V-shaped valleys. Internet Geography
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Plucking is a type of glacial erosion.

Which type of erosion involves boulders and stones wearing away the banks and bed of a river?

It's not hydraulic action.
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Abrasion is the sand-paper effect whereby boulders and stones carried by the river wear away the banks and bed.

Which type of erosion involves sediment particles knocking against the bed or each other and break, becoming more rounded and smaller as you move down the river

It is not solution.
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Attrition is the process of erosion whereby particles become smaller and more rounded as the result of them hitting each other.

Which type of erosion involves the sheer force of fast flowing water hitting the bed and banks forcing water and air into cracks in the bedrock causing it to weaken and break away.

It is not attrition.
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Hydraulic action weakens the bed and banks by the sheer force of the water.

The type of erosion that involves slightly acidic water dissolving rock such as limestone and chalk is known as what?

It is not abrasion.
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Solution is responsible for dissolving sedimentary rock such as limestone and chalk.

Which type of erosion is labelled A in the image?

lateral and vertical erosion
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A is lateral or sideways erosion.

River Erosion
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