What is the name of raised banks commonly found in the lower course of rivers?

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What are the extensive, flat areas of land found in the middle and lower courses of a river?

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Identify the depositional landform shown in the image below.

A meander Internet Geography
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Which type of erosion by meanders lead to floodplains becoming wider?

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True or false? Levées can be created artificially by people to contain water within a river channel.

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What happens to the size of sediment deposited on a flood plain with distance from the river?

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True or false? Levées can increase by as much as a few metres following a flood event.

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True or false? River estuaries are commonly formed at river mouths, where extensive deposits of mud form mudflats and salt marshes.

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Identify the landform of river deposition in the image below.

Salt marsh at Spurn Point Internet Geography
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Look at the diagram below. Does the diagram accurately explain the formation of natural levees?

The stages in the formation of a natural levee
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River landforms of deposition quiz
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