Natural Hazards Key Words


What is a natural hazard?

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What is meant by the term hazard risk?

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Which of the following is not an example of a tectonic hazard?

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True or false? Tropical storms are classed as atmospheric hazards.

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True or false? Classifying hazards can be difficult because some may be caused by more than one physical process.

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An example of a natural hazard being caused by more than one physical process is a tsunami. Tsunamis can be caused by both tectonic and a geomorphological hazard (e.g. landslide).

What is a HIC?

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Which type of hazards occur as the result of the movement of the Earth's crust?

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What is the name given to the sudden movement of the Earth's surface?

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What term is used to describe the area where an oceanic trench forms close to a continental plate due to an oceanic plate sinking beneath?

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If a strong earthquake occurs in an area that is uninhabited, would it be classed as a natural hazard?

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An event such as an earthquake is only classed as a natural hazard when it has the potential to cause damage, destruction and death when it interacts with humans.

Natural hazards key words
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