Geography Myth Busters

Misconceptions? Who you gonna call? Geography Myth Busters! 

I recently asked geography teachers for the most common misconceptions that crop up in the classroom. As usual, the geography teacher community came up trumps with lots of suggestions. To return the favour, I’ve collated some of the most common misconceptions and created a pack of A4 posters to download for free.

The resource can be used in a range of ways. Here are some suggestions:

  • display one a week and have a competition to encourage students to explain why it is a misconception
  • distribute them to your class and get them to prepare a presentation as to why it is a misconception
  • put up on your classroom wall and use them as a discussion point
  • add a QR code that links to a web page that busts the myth so students can find out why its a misconception

If you have any other ideas to share or if you think we’ve missed a common misconception leave a comment below!

Download the PPT presentation containing the posters below (32MB).

Download Geography Myth Busters