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Introduction to AQA GCSE Geography – Keywords

Welcome to AQA GCSE Geography!

To help prepare you for the course, you’ve been given a sheet containing a collection of keywords commonly used in GCSE Geography. On the front of the sheet is a set of keywords you need to understand and be able to use to be ready for September. There are 5-6 keywords for each unit.

What do I need to do?

The back of the sheet has been divided to cover the six units you will study. For each keyword, you need to write a definition, draw an icon to symbolise it and write a sentence containing it.


AQA has put together a list of keywords and definitions for many of the terms on your sheet. You can download it here. When writing your definition, do not copy it from the document; write it in your own words.


For each keyword, draw a simple symbol to represent it. It does not have to be a work of art! Keep it simple and memorable.

Write a sentence

Write a sentence using the keyword that makes sense.


Below is an example of how you could present your work.

Example of how to present a keyword covering migration

Keyword Example

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