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Week 12

The Final Countdown is here to help you prepare for your final AQA GCSE geography exam. Following our weekly exercises will prepare you to take on the examiner.


This week you will revise the changing demand for resources and resources in the UK (part of the resource management unit). It would help if you covered the following:

Food, water and energy are fundamental to human
The progress of a country in terms of economic growth, the use of technology and human welfare.


Use one of the four strategies below to revise these areas.


Complete the revision quizzes covering economic futures in the UK (you completed revision activities on this area last week!).

Exam Questions

Question 1
Suggest how the UK is moving towards a post-industrial economy. Use Figure 20 and your own understanding. [6 marks]
Figure 20
Question 2
Evaluate the success or likely success of one or more strategies to resolve regional differences in the UK. [9 marks]
Question 3
Assess the importance of transport improvements to the UK economy. [9 marks]

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