Knowledge Organiser

Knowledge organisers summarise the key facts and essential knowledge you need to learn. They should be no more than one side of A3 with all the information broken down into easily digestible chunks.

When creating a knowledge organiser, ensure you have an overview of the information you need to include. Once you know what needs to be covered, sketch a template on your piece of paper. Make sure you include space for keywords (AQA have a really useful document for this). The example below is a rough outline for a knowledge organiser covering aspects of part of the AQA GCSE Geography Natural Hazards unit (covering natural and tectonic hazards).

Natural and Tectonic Hazards Knowledge Organisers

Natural and Tectonic Hazards Knowledge Organiser

Once you have created your template, add notes to each section.

4Rs Review

Step 1 Review

4Rs Revise

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4Rs Reassess

Step 3 Reassess

4Rs Reflect

Step 4 Reflect


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