The Challenge of Resource Management – Water Quiz 2


Which of the following are factors that can affect water availability? (you can select more than one answer)

Please select 6 correct answers

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True or false? Areas of low rainfall may experience water stress.

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True or false? Water stress is caused by a lack of water security, together with drought, climate change and the expense of large-scale water transfer projects.

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Aquifers are extremely important sources of water in many parts of the world. What is the main factor that affects the occurrence of aquifers?

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True or false? Pollution of water supply can lead to water stress.

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What term describes too much water being extracted from water supplies, leading to a negative impact on the availability of water?

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Many people do not have access to safe water due this factor. They may have to rely on water from wells or has etc pay for bottled water.

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True or false? Many LICs lack the infrastructure to transport water.

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Which of the following is not an example of the impacts of water insecurity?

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What Factors Affect Water Supply Quiz
Well done! You have a good understanding of the factors that affect water supply!

Not bad! You could do with revisiting the factors that affect water supply.

Oh dear! You really need to revise the factors that affect water supply.

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