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True or false? Weather in the UK varies with the seasons. Temperatures in the winter are coldest, warm through spring, hottest in summer and cool through autumn.

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True or false? Mild temperatures decrease the rate of salt-weathering.

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Mild temperatures increase the rate of salt-weathering because water evaporates more quickly.

True or false? Mass movement is more likely to occur when weathering is at its highest.

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Which type of wave is likely to be most common during the winter?

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True or false? Destructive waves are more likely to increase coastal erosion and cause coastal retreat.

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Slumping is more likely to occur during or following intense rainfall.

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Cliffs that are saturated are more likely to slump.

True or false? Storms can lead to the significant transformation in the appearance of coastlines.

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Porthcothan arch in Cornwall collapsed during a winter storm in 2014.

Identify the statement below that is incorrect.

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North-easterly winds are those that originate from the northeast. The UK's most common winds are south-westerlies originating from the Atlantic Ocean.

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