Tropical Rainforest Interdependence


True or false? The nutrient cycle is an example of interdependence in the tropical rainforest.

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True or false? The survival of the tropical rainforest depends on a close interdependence between its component parts. Changes to one component can have a knock-on effect on the rest of the ecosystem.

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Which of the following are stores in the nutrient cycle?

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Which is the largest nutrient store in the tropical rainforest?

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True or false? Soil in the rainforest contains a large store of nutrients.

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The soil in the tropical rainforest contains few nutrients.

The diagram below shows the nutrient cycle for the tropical rainforest.

The nutrient cycle
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The diagram shows the main features of the nutrient cycle. However, the nutrient stores are not the appropriate size.

Look at the diagram below. Is it a fair representation of the nutrient cycle in the tropical rainforest?

The nutrient cycle in the rainforest ecosystem
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True or false? There is a rapid transfer of nutrients from the litter to the soil.

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Deforestation can cause the collapse of the nutrient cycle in tropical rainforests.

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If temperatures were to fall in the tropical rainforest, what impact would it have on the nutrient cycle?

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