Sunday night geography pub quiz

On Sunday 28th June we’ll be hosting our ninth free online pub quiz for teachers.

To take part you’ll need to download the Zoom app for your phone/laptop/computer. Zoom is available for mobile devices from your app store. It is recommended that you download the app and install it prior to the quiz, especially if you are using a laptop or computer (if this is the case then set up a free account on now). You’ll also need access to Google Forms to record your answers. 

At 7.50 pm the link and password to access Zoom will be published below. You can access the video stream from this time. The quiz will start at 8.15 pm to give those with children who have an 8 pm bedtime time to do the parenting thing. 

Everyone will be muted during the quiz so that it doesn’t turn into carnage but you are welcome to use the text option to say hello etc. 

Zoom Details (will be posted below at 7.50pm on Sunday)

Meeting ID: 825 077 80810

Password: 688834

Google Docs: Answer form


  1. Quizzer’s answers are final. Questions have been researched using (mostly) reliable sources.
  2. The quiz only has limited connections and works on a first-come-first-served basis. 
  3. Be nice.
  4. You can play as an individual or a team. 
  5. There will be a prize for the best team name (chosen by the quizzer)
  6. There will be a prize for the winning team. 
  7. Over 18s and geography teachers only (trainees, teachers and retired welcome)
  8. No Googling or cheating in any way. It’s a bit of fun and you’re only cheating yourself (said in best teacher voice). 
  9. The winner will be informed within 24hrs.
  10. I’m the event of a tie the quizzer will choose the team with the best name. 
  11. You’ll need to include an email address and contact name so we can get in touch with the winner. 
  12. We’ll publish the results, though these will contain no personal information e.g. team name and score only. 
  13. We’ll run through the answers at the end of the quiz for those that want to hear them. Answers must be submitted by players before this is done. Answers submitted by Google forms after this point will not be counted. 

The quiz (software and hardware) has been funded by payments for Internet Geography Plus. If you’ve not got a subscription there are lots of useful resources available for distance learning.