How to create a cross-section using an ordnance survey map

The extract from the map below includes a transect line (A-B). We are going to create a cross-section of this transect.

The OS map extract shows the line we will create a cross section for

The OS map extract shows the line we will create a cross-section for

Take a strip of paper. Mark A at the start of the transect and B at the end. Place a mark where a contour line crosses the transect. Record the height. Also, mark any roads/rivers etc.

An image showing a piece of paper being used to create a cross-section

Using a strip of paper, mark each contour that crosses the transect line

On graph paper, draw the horizontal (x ) axis, the same length as the transect, using a pencil and ruler. Check the maximum height of the contours along the cross-section, then create an appropriate Y-axis scale. Label the Y axis. Use your strip of paper to plot the heights as shown below.

An image showing a cross-section

Plot the points on the graph. Remember to join the crosses to complete the cross-section.

Use a pencil to draw a smooth line connecting the points you have plotted.

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