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Extinction The Facts

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If you’ve not seen Extinction: The Facts yet, you must grab an hour to watch it. It’s available on iPlayer for a year. The legend that is David Attenborough, along with many experts, explore the issues relating to the decline in global biodiversity. With more synoptic links than you could shake a stick at the programme is divided into a series of sections:

  • An introduction to biodiversity (00.00 – 08.35 mins) 
  • Consequences of losing biodiversity (08.35 – 13.20 mins)
  • How are we destroying the ecosystems we depend on? (13.20 – 41.32 mins)
  • How did it come to this? (41.30 – 44.55)
  • What can we do to slow the decline in biodiversity? (44.55 – 51.42 mins)
  • Nature can bounce back – Poppy and the mountain gorillas (51.42 – 56.69 mins)

We’ve produced a worksheet containing questions that students can complete while watching the programme. It’s fully editable so you can adapt the resource for your students (we went a bit mad with the number of questions!). There is also a set of answers accompanying the resource.

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Download the question sheet

Download the answers

Download the refined list of questions by Nicola Price