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Week 11

The Final Countdown is here to help you prepare for your final AQA GCSE geography exam. Following our weekly exercises will prepare you to take on the examiner.


Complete the revision quizzes covering a case study of an LIC/NEE (you completed revision activities on this area last week!). If you studied Nigeria, you will find quizzes here.

Exam Questions

Question 1
Using Figure 19 and your own understanding, suggest how the growth of tourism in a LIC or NEE might help to reduce the development gap. [4 marks]
Figure 19
Question 2
Using a case study of a LIC or NEE country, explain the link between Transnational Corporations (TNCs) and industrial development in the country. [6 marks]
Question 3
Using a case study of a LIC/NEE, evaluate the effects of economic development on the population’s quality of life. [9 marks]

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