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Week 5

The Final Countdown is here to help you prepare for your final AQA GCSE geography exam. Following our weekly exercises will prepare you to take on the examiner.


This week you will revise rivers. It would help if you covered the following:

The shape of river valleys changes as rivers  flow downstream:

Fluvial processes:

Distinctive  fluvial landforms result from different physical processes:

Different management strategies can be used to protect river landscapes from the effects of  flooding:

An example of a flood management scheme (Boscastle | Jubilee River | Banbury) in the UK to show:

  • why the scheme was required
  • the management strategy
  • the social, economic and environmental issues.

Use one of the three strategies below to revise these areas.


Complete the revision quizzes covering weather hazards and climate change (you completed revision activities on this area last week!)

Exam Questions

Question 1

Explain how burning fossil fuels and deforestation may have contributed to global changes in temperature. [4 marks]

Question 2

Suggest how extreme weather in the UK can have economic and social impacts. Use Figure 6 and your own understanding. [6 marks]

Week 5 Question 6

Question 3

Managing climate involves both mitigation and adaptation. Do you agree? Explain your answer. Use Figure 7 and your understanding. [9 marks +3 SPG]

Week 5 Question 3

Question 4

Assess the extent to which tropical storms have effects on people and the environment. Use Figure 8 and an example you have studied. [9 marks +3 SPG].

Figure 8 Week 5

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