Deconstructing the Question 1

When faced with exam questions like the one below students often fail to use the resources they have been provided with. This is an issue often referred to in examiners reports and frequently bemoaned by teachers on social media.

Exam question with resources

Exam question with resources

To support teachers modelling the deconstruction of exam questions that include additional resources, we’re in the process of developing a series of resources that aim to support geography teachers in taking students through breaking down exam questions, analysing data they are provided with and working out what should be included in their answer.

In this first set of resources, we explore the above exam question from the 2018 AQA GCSE Geography paper 2, covering resources. This is an area covered in multiple specifications so should be useful to most geography teachers.

These free resources come in both Apple Keynote and Microsoft PowerPoint format so can be edited to meet the needs of your students. The presentations take a step-by-step approach to reviewing the question, resources and what could be included in the answer. All you need to do is talk the students through it.

If you’ve found these resources useful or have requests for future questions please leave us a comment below.

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