Cornell Notes

Making notes or copying information from a book has a minimal impact on learning. Yes, you will feel good about producing so much ‘work’; however, this effect on your learning and retention (ability to remember things) is minimal. Therefore, it is worth considering using Cornell notes as a strategy to summarise notes. In addition, Cornell Notes encourage you to include questions, visual clues and other clues that jog your memory, taking your note-taking beyond copying information.

It is essential that you handwrite your notes, rather than using a computer, as this has been shown to improve later memory.

Moving forward

When using Cornell Notes, make sure you review your notes. Students who take the time to review their notes typically have higher achievement than those who do not. You can download a Cornell Notes template here: Make Your Cornell Notes Template with Word

4Rs Review

Step 1 Review

4Rs Revise

Step 2 Revise

4Rs Reassess

Step 3 Reassess

4Rs Reflect

Step 4 Reflect


Further Revision Resources

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