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Week 7

The Final Countdown is here to help you prepare for your final AQA GCSE geography exam. Following our weekly exercises will prepare you to take on the examiner.


This week you will revise urban issues and challenges, focusing on urbanisation and how urban growth creates opportunities and challenges for a city in a LIC/NEE.

A growing percentage of the world’s population lives in urban areas:

You must also revise how urbanisation has created opportunities and challenges in a city in a LIC or NEE. We have online resources to support you if you have studied Lagos, Mumbai or Rio de Janeiro. For the city you have studied, you need to revise the following:

  • the location and importance of the city, regionally, nationally and internationally
  • the growth of the city
  • causes of growth: natural increase and migration
  • how urban growth has created opportunities:
    • social: access to services – health and education; access to resources – water supply, energy
    • economic: how urban industrial areas can be a stimulus for economic development
  • how urban growth has created challenges
  • An example of how urban planning is improving the quality of life for the urban poor

Use one of the three strategies below to revise these areas.


Complete the revision quizzes covering coastal landscapes in the UK (you completed revision activities on this area last week!).

Exam Questions

Question 1

Explain how the sea defences shown in Figure 11 help to protect the coastline from erosion. [4 marks]

Figure 11 A photograph showing sea defences in Withernsea Yorkshire

Question 2

Explain how different coastal landforms are created by erosion. Use Figure 12 and your own understanding. [6 marks]

Figure 12 A photograph showing a coastal landscape in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Question 3

Discuss the costs and benefits of hard engineering strategies in protecting coastlines. Use Figure 13 and Figure 14 and your own understanding. [6 marks]

Figure 13 and 14

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