Mind Maps

Mind maps are graphical representations of information. In contrast to the traditional, notes you make in a text document, mind maps let you organise concepts, thoughts, ideas and keywords on a blank canvas where you can see the ‘big picture’ including how the different aspects relate to each other.

Mind maps are useful in a number of ways:

  • they allow you to store and structure vast amounts of information.
  • the combination of images and text helps memory retention (see dual coding).
  • they help you see the ‘big picture’.
  • they feature a number of powerful mental triggers such as images, colours, shapes and connections which help our brain process and memorize large amounts of information.

Studies have found that mind maps can improve memory by 10-15%, others go even higher and estimate improvements of up to 32%.

How do I create mind maps?

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How to mind map 1

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How to mind map 2

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How to mind map 3

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How to mind map 4

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How to mind map 5

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How to mind map 6

Moving forward

Follow the guide above to create a mind map overview of a topic you have studied.


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