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Homework Plus

If you are looking for a weekly homework or intervention activity that supports the development of geographical skills, exam technique and statistical skills then Internet Geography Homework Plus is for you.

Homework Plus helps students develop essential skills while saving you time developing resources.

Each week we publish a new resource that contains a range of activities to help students practise the skills needed to be successful in Geography. Each resource comes with a mark scheme that can be used for self or peer assessment to reduce your workload.

All documents come in an editable MS Word format so you can tweak and customise them for your students.

You can download an example copy of a Homework Plus resource below.

Download Example Homework Plus

To cover license fees for OS Maps etc we’ve had to include a small fee for Homework Plus in order to cover licensing fees for the use of OS maps etc but we’ve kept this as low as possible. Click here to view our subscription options.

Homework Plus

Reduce workload and provide learners with question level feedback.

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