Revision Resources on Internet Geography Plus

Revision Resources on Internet Geography Plus

Revision Resources on Internet Geography Plus

As we head into revision season, we wanted to share a selection of our resources to support you and your students in preparing for the 2024 AQA GCSE exams.

There’s a huge range of revision resources on Internet Geography Plus, so we’ve pulled together a collection of some of our favourites to help give you an overview of the resources on Plus that will save you time and help your students prepare for their exams.

If you have any specific requests, let us know!

Subject Knowledge

The Final Countdown

The Final Countdown is a comprehensive weekly approach to revision that involves students revisiting content, checking knowledge and understanding through quizzes, and allowing students to attempt a range of exam questions with model answers. We’ve made a few updates this year, and you can download the student and teacher resources from here:

Revision Boost Booklets

Our Revision Boost Booklets are an ideal way to support students revisiting content. Each booklet contains QR codes to pages on InternetGeography to support students in covering the content for Papers 1 and 2.

Log in and head over to to download!

Revision Quizzes

We have an extensive collection of multiple-choice quizzes available in the booklet and Google/MS Forms format. The Google/MS Forms can be copied to your drive in one click and are self-marking to save you time!

Google/MS Forms Quizzes:

Multiple-choice booklets:

Revision Mats

Retrieval questions with model answers:

Find and Fix

A great way to check subject knowledge, Find and Fix involves students finding errors and then fixing them. Download from here:


Booklets containing retrieval questions, with example answers provided:

Knowledge Organisers

A comprehensive collection of knowledge organisers covering content from across the specification:

Odd One Out

Students identify the odd one out:


A huge collection of infographics summarising a range of areas of the specification and case studies:

Recap Sheets

There are 88 recap sheets containing retrieval activities to revisit areas of the specification:

Case Study Summaries

Summary sheet to support students structuring revision notes:

Exam Technique

Mock exam papers and mark schemes

A collection of mock exam questions and full papers (inc. mark schemes) can be downloaded here:

Beyond the Resource

Resources to support students answering a question that involves a figure:

Rewrite it

Students review answers to exam questions, plan their answers, and then have a go at the question:

PEEL templates for 6-9 mark questions

Templates covering a range of 6-9 mark questions across the specification:

Apply your knowledge grids

Resources to support students in applying their knowledge to exam questions. These resources support students in going further than regurgitating facts and actually applying their knowledge to exam questions:

Geographical Skills

Which was the photographer facing?

How to – statistical skills:

How to – graphical skills:

Geographical Skills multiple choice booklets:

Interpreting OS Maps booklets

Booklets to support students interpreting OS maps in the context of coastal and river landscapes:

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