How do I revise GCSE Geography?

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Not sure how to revise for your GCSE Geography exams? We’ve got you covered! Follow our simple guide to revision to improve your chances of achieving exam success.

Step 1 – PLC

Revisit the specification to assess your strengths and areas for development (and ensure you don’t miss anything when revising!). Use a personal learning checklist (PLC) to help identify areas you need to focus on. You can download free PLCs for AQA GCSE Geography here.

Step 2 – Blank page

For the area you are revising, write down everything you can remember on a blank piece of paper. This active revision technique makes you think about what you have studied and what you can remember and helps you organise your knowledge and understanding. Find out more about using the blank page technique.

Step 3 – Recap

Compare your blank page to your PLC. Identify the gaps and spend time recapping the topic content. You could read about the topic or watch revision videos covering the areas you feel less confident about. Check out our AQA GCSE Geography revision notes here.

Step 4 – Revision

Use an active technique to produce a revision resource covering the topic you are revising. Active revision techniques include revision cards, mind maps, sketch notes and revision clocks. Do not copy or highlight text; these techniques have little impact on learning. We’ve compiled a guide on using the most effective revision techniques here.

Step5 – Review

Review your learning. Start by completing quizzes to check your knowledge and understanding. We have a comprehensive collection of revision quizzes to help you with this. Next, attempt past exam questions to practice applying your knowledge and understanding. Finally, revisit your PLC and update it. Still got gaps? Do more revision!

Download our free revision poster. Internet Geography Plus subscribers can download an editable version.

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