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Week 6

The Final Countdown is here to help you prepare for your final AQA GCSE geography exam. Following our weekly exercises will prepare you to take on the examiner.


This week you will revise coastal landscapes in the UK. It would help if you covered the following:

The coast is shaped by a number of physical processes.

Wave types and characteristicsconstructive and destructive waves

Coastal processes:

Distinctive coastal landforms are the result of rock type, structure and physical processes:

Different management strategies can be used to protect coastlines from the effects of physical processes

The costs and benefits of the following management strategies:

An example of a coastal management scheme (Mappleton | Hornsea | Lyme Regis) in the UK to show:

  • the reasons for management
  • the management strategy
  • the resulting effects and conflicts.

Use one of the three strategies below to revise these areas.


Complete the revision quizzes covering river landscapes in the UK (you completed revision activities on this area last week!).

Exam Questions

Question 1

Explain how oxbow lakes are formed. [4 marks]

Question 2

Explain how hard engineering strategies can help reduce the impact of river flooding. Use Figure 9 and your own understanding. [4 marks]

Question 2 Week 6

Question 3

Explain how physical and human factors may affect flood risk. Use Figure 10 and your own understanding. [6 marks]

Figure 10 Week 6

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