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As a parent or guardian, you have a vital role in supporting your child with their education. This is why we’ve developed this area of Internet Geography, to offer advice and guidance to help you help your child succeed in their most important GCSE course, Geography*.

*yes, we’re totally biased.

In all seriousness, geography is an incredibly valuable subject to study that can open many doors! With your additional support, your child can achieve success in geography.

“Geography is a broad-based academic subject that will open up options for you in your future. Employers and universities see geography as a robust academic subject rich in skills, knowledge and understanding. As a subject linking the arts and the sciences it is highly flexible in terms of what you can combine it with, both at GCSE and A Level.”

As you’re reading this, your child has received a Get into Geography resource from their teacher. Each Get into Geography sheet contains resources to support your child in developing their geographical knowledge and understanding around the unit they are studying in class. Below, we explore ways you can support your child with their GCSE geography course.

The Learning Journey

The learning journey is a list of questions your child will investigate in class. Use them to talk about what they are studying in class.

Watch this

Watch this includes videos that are linked to the units your child is studying. Why not have a family movie night and watch them? Can’t beat stealth learning.

Read this

Your child has been encouraged to do a bit of wider reading around the course. Why not have a read yourself and have a discussion with your child?

Listen to this

We’ve picked some really useful, free podcasts (digital audio files available on the internet to download for free) that you could listen to together.


There are common misconceptions that can trip up children when answering exam questions. We’ve included some common ones to avoid this happening. We recommend talking through these, so your child doesn’t make a common mistake.

Check this out

We’ve recommended some awesome resources to have a look at!

Speak like a geographer

It is essential to understand and be able to use key terms in geography. You’ll find ten essential words/terms on your Get into Geography sheet. You can do several things to help your child remember the keywords and their definitions. You could quiz them, play Pictionary, play Taboo, create revision flashcards and do spelling games. Below is a link to a document containing the keywords and definitions your child needs to know.

Keywords for AQA GCSE Geography – Natural hazards, volcanoes and earthquakes
Keywords for AQA GCSE Geography – Weather hazards
Keywords for AQA GCSE Geography – River landscapes in the UK
Keywords for AQA GCSE Geography – Coastal landscapes in the UK
Keywords for AQA GCSE Geography – Ecosystems and Rainforests
Keywords for AQA GCSE Geography – Hot deserts
Keywords for AQA GCSE Geography – Urban Issues and Challenges
Keywords for AQA GCSE Geography – The Changing Economic World


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