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Subscribers to Internet Geography Plus have access to a growing range of Get into Geography sheets. These have been developed to support students and their parents in developing a wider understanding of their current units. Each Get into Geography sheet includes the learning journey (including a QR code in the top left of the sheet to online materials on Internet Geography), keywords students need to know, common misconceptions to avoid and a list of resources to support wider reading, listening and watching.

To access our Get into Geography sheets, just log in to your account or take out a low-cost subscription to Internet Geography Plus.

Parents and students can scan the QR codes found in each sheet’s top right corner to access advice, guidance, and further resources to support them.

The Learning Journey

The learning journey is a list of questions your students will investigate in class. Use them to talk about what they are studying in class. Scanning the QR code in the top left corner will take students and parents to a menu of links to resources covering each question.

Watch this

Watch this includes videos that are linked to the units your students are studying. Encourage students and parents to have a family movie night. You can’t beat a bit of stealth learning.

Read this

This section contains suggestions for further reading around the course. Some of these will be links to online resources as well as book suggestions.

Listen to this

We’ve picked some really useful, free podcasts (digital audio files available on the internet to download for free) that students and parents could listen to together.


There are common misconceptions that can trip up children when answering exam questions. We’ve included some common ones to avoid this happening.

Check this out

We’ve recommended some awe-inspiring programmes, video clips and films to watch that really should be shared with the family!

Speak like a geographer

Your students must understand and be able to use key terms in geography. You’ll find ten essential words/terms on each Get into Geography sheet. Students are encouraged to learn these and complete quizzes, play Pictionary, Taboo, create revision flashcards and do spelling games with friends/family members. Below is a link to a document containing the keywords and definitions students need to know for each unit we have produced Get into Geography sheets for.

Keywords for AQA GCSE Geography – Natural hazards, volcanoes and earthquakes
Keywords for AQA GCSE Geography – Weather hazards
Keywords for AQA GCSE Geography – River landscapes in the UK
Keywords for AQA GCSE Geography – Coastal landscapes in the UK
Keywords for AQA GCSE Geography – Ecosystems and Rainforests
Keywords for AQA GCSE Geography – Hot deserts
Keywords for AQA GCSE Geography – Urban Issues and Challenges
Keywords for AQA GCSE Geography – The Changing Economic World


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