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New GCSE geography retrieval revision

We are developing a new, open access revision area on Internet Geography, to support students with  retrieval practice. The resources will consist of a bank of online gap-fill activities that students can use to revisit prior learning.

The activities will be freely available with no requirement to register, pay to access or log in.

Each gap-fill will come in two forms, an open gap fill where students need to recall keywords and factual information along with a drag and drop version. The two versions are illustrated below.


We’re seeking support from the geography teacher community to develop these revision activities by contributing a paragraph or two of text to summarise key elements of each GCSE geography unit across all exam boards.

When contributing just head over to the submission form and add your paragraph. When contributing your paragraph missing words should be enclosed within an asterisk. e.g. *Constructive* waves build beaches. These waves are more common in *summer* than in winter. Constructive waves predominate in calmer weather conditions when less energy is being transferred to the water. Each wave is low. As the wave *breaks* it carries material up the beach in its *swash*. The beach material will then be deposited as the backwash soaks into the sand or slowly drains away. When the next wave breaks its swash will deposit more material without it being ‘captured’ by the backwash of the preceding wave.

Alternative answers should be separated using a forward slash e.g. *conservative/passive* plate margins….

You can also add a tooltip (pop up hint) to support students with the answer by including a colon e.g. *conservative/passive:Where to plates slide past each other* plate boundaries.

To begin with will focus on one unit at a time for each exam specification. To avoid repetition please identify the paragraph you will complete on this Google Sheet. When you’ve submitted it using this form please indicate it has been completed on the Google Sheet.

If you’ve any questions, please contact by adding a comment below.

Many thanks,


Living World Revision Grids

Recently Kirstie Bowden (AKA @kirstiebowden) posted a revision grid covering AQA Geography The Living World, inspired by history teacher Amanda Raddon (@AJRRaddon).

The resources are ideal for retrieval practice and could be further developed to incorporate dual coding.

Other examples have also been shared on Twitter.

Kirstie has kindly agreed to share these resources on Internet Geography. Kirstie has also provided the instructions for using the resource. You can download these below:

Please be sure to thank Kirsty on Twitter or in the comments below!

Geography Retrieval Wheel

Based on some examples we’ve seen on Twitter recently we’ve created an interactive retrieval wheel that can be used to quiz students. The retrieval wheel is a simple powerpoint presentation that can be fully customised to meet your quizzing needs. Adding new questions is easy. We’ve set this example up using smart art which means it is easy to paste new questions from an existing bank you might have. In our example, we’ve pasted 6 questions from an Internet Geography Geogrevise Retrieval Practice Booklet (free to Internet Geography Plus subscribers).

Adding your own questions is simple. Just click the smart art wheel and either type your questions or paste existing answers into the text fields.

Editing the retrieval wheel

Editing the retrieval wheel

You can adjust the speed of the spinning wheel. To do this click the Animations tab. Then click Animation Pane. Select Diagram 3 then under Timing select the speed you want the wheel to turn.

Adjusting the speed of the spinning wheel

Adjusting the speed of the spinning wheel

Click the image below to download the free geography retrieval wheel.

Retrieval Wheel