Re-write it

Re-write it is a useful strategy for when information needs recording  and there is no learning to be gained from copying. It can be differentiated in a number of ways. It can also be used as a literacy exercise addressing  homophones, spelling and punctuation.

A pure literacy example is shown below:

students should be taught to speak clearly and convey ideas confidently using standard english they should learn two justify ideas with reasons ask questions too cheque understanding develop vocabulary and build knowledge negotiate evaluate and build on the ideas of others and select the appropriate register fore  affective communication they should bee torte two give well structured descriptions and explanations and develop their  understanding threw  speculating hypothesising and exploring ideas this will enable them to clarify there thinking as well as organise there ideas four righting

A geographical example addressing literacy and knowledge would be:

the rainforest has six distinct layers of plants with different adaptations for example plants in the highest layer (shrub) only have branches at there crown (where the least light reaches them) and plants in the under canopy have small leaves two absorb as little light as possible to support photosynthesis in the tropical rainforest most trees in the rainforest have narrow buttress roots this is two support them as they grow incredibly tall (over 5-15m in some cases) as their is grate competition for sunlight in addition to this roots grow deep rather than wide because nutrients are found in the top layer of soil

If you develop one of your own please send a copy to share on Internet Geography.

Anthony Bennett

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  1. brendan worrell
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    brendan worrell says:

    I teach Geography in Far North Queensland, Innisfail and your website is great for our learning.


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