Internet Geography Plus Weekly Revision Idea

I’m interested in your views on an Internet Geography Plus resource idea I have to support weekly revision for your GCSE students. The proposal is that they are provided with an A4 double-sided page which provides a breakdown of each unit, outlining what they need to revise every week. Each weekly revision slot will have a QR code to a page on Internet Geography, which will then provide links to an online review quiz to check their understanding, then links to online information for them to read and produce revision materials (there will be guides on how to complete revision cards etc.).

The screenshot below (click to view) shows a basic draft overview of what the resource given to students could be like (the QR codes are mockups and don’t work! It also looks a bit unattractive at the moment, but you get the idea!).

The A4 sheet above will be editable so that you can customise your revision assignments. So, for example, once the bank of revision sheets is completed for your spec, you will be able to identify areas in a mock, for instance, that students didn’t do too well on and copy and paste from across the different units to provide a customised revision schedule.

I’ve created a draft version of a weekly revision page on Internet Geography for Week 1 of The Challenge of Natural Hazards weekly revision resource above. The page needs more work and titivating, but it might give you an idea. You can view it here

Before investing more time into this, I would love to hear your thoughts (positive and constructive – but do let me know if it’s not for you or your students). Please take a minute to provide feedback.


Internet Geography

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