New National 5 Geography Weather Resources

National 5 Weather Work Booklet
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We’ve just added our first student work booklet for National 5 Geography and a comprehensive collection of free-to-access online resources.

Our new editable work booklet can be used in class to support learning or as an independent study booklet, intervention, or revision tool. Each section of the booklet includes QR codes linking to online resources, including:

  • Reference materials (there’s no need for a textbook as our reference resources cover all the students need to know)
  • Interactive activities to check student knowledge
  • Interactive flashcards to support students in learning key geographical terms
  • Online quizzes

All of the new online National 5 weather resources are free to access. The reference pages can be accessed from the National 5 Weather page. We’ve also set up a dedicated page to access the interactive flashcards and quizzes, which can be set as homework or used on the big screen in class.

The new work booklet is available to download to Internet Geography subscribers. To access this resource, either login or take out a low-cost annual subscription to Internet Geography Plus

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