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I’m just in the process of putting together a revision booklet for ecosystems for my students. Rather than include content I want students to work through questions independently and recap what they have studied previously. As you are reading this I wondered if you could spare 5 minutes to write a question to include in the booklet which I will share once it’s finished and looks half decent.

A number of people have already contributed to the document. If you click the link below it will take you to a Google doc into which you can type your question. If you are nit familiar with Google doc feel free to add a question in the comments box below.

The doc >>>

I’ve bought a few stock images which I have included too so feel free to use them within the booklet.

If you contribute please avoid using resources by the exam board or other people as this document will be shared online.

We could have a decent resource knocked out by the end of the day!

Anthony Bennett

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  1. N Hawley
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    N Hawley says:

    Explain how tropical rain forests are considered ‘the lungs of the planet’.
    A higher tariff question- 8 marks?


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