Tropical Rainforest Knowledge Organiser

A knowledge organiser provides an overview of the knowledge students need to acquire about the content they are studying as part of a unit or series of lessons. Students are provided with knowledge organisers at the start of a unit or during a series of lessons. This provides them with a factually accurate overview of the content they need to learn. Students then refer to the knowledge organiser as they complete their learning and use it as a research tool when learning independently. Regular, low threat, quizzes can be used to check and build subject knowledge.

Knowledge organisers are also ideal for revision. Students can be provided with knowledge organisers, either electronically as a PDF for their phones, or paper copies that can be put up on bedroom walls.

Knowledge organisers can also be given to parents to help them understand what their child is learning. They can be encouraged to quiz their child to support them with revision.

Knowledge organisers should be given to support staff to help them acquire the subject knowledge they are unfamiliar with.

This Tropical Rainforest organiser has been developed to support students studying AQA Geography Living World Unit. However, it can be used with most specifications.

Download our new A3 Tropical Rainforest Knowledge Organiser by clicking the image below.

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Anthony Bennett

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