Tweet Treats

Tweet Treats #13

It’s been a while since we shared Tweet Treats, a collection of useful tweets relating to #geography and #geographyteachers. The world of Twitter can be a busy place so we’ve pulled together some great tweets recently posted on Twitter.

The collection of tweets below are in no particular order.

Looking for ready-made displays? Take a look at the resources shared by Kelly Pippin.

Loving this great activity to challenge locational knowledge by Chris Hoare.

Teaching volcanoes at convergent plate boundaries and an editable diagram to download from Luke Taylor.

An incredible set of threads containing subject knowledge updates by Anti-racist Geography Curriculum. This is a must-read!

Check out the recent RGS-IBG podcast with Ofsted inspector and subject lead Iain Freeland!

Kate Otto shares some great scenario questions being used to encourage thinking.

Alistair Hamill shares a video on how he uses GIS to teach biomes.

BBC Weather has shared a great video exploring whether global warming will make devastating storms like Hurricane Ida more likely?

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