Urbanisation and Slums DME

Urbanisation and Slums DME

Rachel Norris (@geo_getters84) has very kindly shared a DME covering urbanisation and slums.

These resources were designed for Rachel’s year 9s to use at home for distance learning, completing a decision-making exercise. It is based on the topic of Africa, and Development that Rachel’s pupils have studied in school this year. However, it also offers synoptic elements and asks pupils to work on their skills.

The idea came from the AQA paper 3 this summer that was not sat – however this has been put together independently of that (beyond the same theme), all sources should be referenced, with links to original sources. Data was accurate at the point of construction (May 2020)

It is divided into three sections – Section A is based on reading and interpreting a range of graphs and maps with reference to urbanisation.

Section B builds a bit more onto the issues associated with shanty town development in cities across Africa. Resources this time are wider including newspaper articles and a travel journal.

Finally, the final section asks pupils to make a decision. Ideally utilising work from previous sections.

Each section of information has a booklet of tasks to go along with it.

This could be adapted and set to any year group – we will also use it with our new year 12 cohort as they missed Paper 3 (AQA) this year.

There are quizzes that accompany it on quizizz – search shanty towns of Africa recap.

Download the urbanisation and slums DME

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